Why choose Old Colony Foods
It’s a long route from the fields to the grocery cart.  In today’s competitive food industry, it takes more than a great-tasting, unique or value-priced product to capture a buyer’s attention, obtain valuable shelf space, or generate sales orders.  Old Colony Foods offers the relationships and knowledge needed to navigate the complex route to the shelves.  We will get your product in the stores, priced correctly to sell profitably, and positioned to attract shoppers.  We handle the time-consuming negotiations and follow-up needed to achieve sales success.

Specialty Foods
Specialty Foods require a broker with very specific skills and connections.  At Old Colony Foods, we have the expertise, experience and customers to successfully sell your specialty products.

Multicultural Foods
Multicultural products are easily sold to their specific ethnic group. At Old Colony Foods, we understand how to broaden sales to mainstream markets while retaining core customer loyalty. Shoppers have never been more accepting of new foods and flavors, and Old Colony Foods will help your products crossover to new markets.